About Aquatics & Reptiles, Worcester

The Aquatic & Reptiles Store in Worcester is a family run business providing aquarium installations & pond maintenance, aquarium products, consultations, maintenance services and pet supplies to the Worcestershire area.
With expert professional staff on hand to answer any questions and offer advice. You are assured of a complete service catering for all your pets needs, all you would expect from an established retail premises with 30 years of experience. 
Our well stocked aquariums and ponds offer you the widest range of Tropical, Marine and Cold water fish. We have many Tropical, Cold water and  plants too.
We have a selection of reptiles; Including bearded dragons, leopard geckos, snakes, water dragons, chameleons, crested gecko’s Turtles and tortoise. As well as frogs, salamanders, tarantulas & insects.
As well as all types of foods to supply these animals with.
We also stock a range of small animal foods, bedding and treats. Also dog & cat foods. Dog treats, toys & accessories.
We offer starter packages for Fish, Reptiles and Small Animals for beginners and for the more experienced. 
Please call us for further information and to arrange a consultation or call into your specialist pet shop in Worcester for all your supplies.

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