Blagdon Amphibious IQ 6000-12000 40W-85W

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Key Features:

Powerful & economical
Adjustable to suit pond & season
Low maintenance
Handles solids so ideal for filters & waterfalls
Auto switch-off if water runs too low
Enjoy the ability to adjust the flow of your pond pump. This saves cost on your energy bill and allows you to create a number of dynamic effects.

This energy saving pond pump is ideal for pond filters and waterfalls. It employs a digital motor with LCD flow regulator. Simply press up or down to change the flow of water.

The ability to control your water flow has many benefits:

Waterfall effects can be turned up or down.
Your pump flow can be reduced in winter to save money.
This is the most advanced variable flow pond pump we have seen on the market. It is very user-friendly with the LCD screen letting you know if the pump gets jammed or blocked.

These pumps are feature-packed and will 'pay itself back' multiple times in electricity bill savings.

Will run a filter & waterfall in a pond up to: 12,000Ltr.